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Vehicle Signage

Make your vehicle stand out amongst the crowd. Whether you’re a company looking to do advertising signage on your vehicles or you’re a vehicle enthusiast who wants to add some styles, we have solutions for everyone.

Why paint when you can wrap? It’s 100% risk free!

On a typical day, your vehicle will drive past hundreds of other vehicles and pedestrians. Take advantage of using your vehicle as a mobile billboard or simply looking awesome. Covering your entire vehicle also benefits you by protecting your original paint to retain its resale value.

Master Grade Cast Vinyl is the ultimate choice for vehicles. It is the lightest and most durable vinyl in existence. They are designed to take a pounding from all types of weather conditions and terrain conditions. This is why it is often used in race car teams, cyclists, aircraft, drones, trucks, and other vehicles because it barely impacts weight and performance.

When you’re done with the vinyl, you can peel off without damaging the original paint and it leaves no sticky residue.

Big Wave Printing offers full and partial vinyl printing and wrapping services for all big and small vehicles. We also offer graphic design services for your convenience as the one-stop-shop to go to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between vehicle wrap and car signage?

They are exactly the same. It is commonly described as a marketing practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle for advertisement or livery purposes. Others use it for styling purposes, and so on.

Q2: Do you do design, printing and installation?

Yes, yes and yes. We have our own in-house designers and production specialists who can help you.

Q3: What are the main differences between vehicle wrap and painting?

Wrapping your vehicle is temporary of up to 10 years whereas painting is permanent. Is it also much cheaper to wrap than paint, and faster and easier to do. The process is risk free.

Q4: What material do you use?

We use master grade cast vinyl on all vehicle surfaces. The material is all weather, all terrain. Peel it off with ease without damaging your original paint surface, and quickly change your artwork on the fly.

Q5: Do you do panel mounts?

Yes, we offer panel mounts on utility vehicles. We can construct a frame for you when you need to use it. This is popular for owners who want to use their vehicle for personal and business purposes on the right occasion.

Q6: We own a fleet of vehicles. Do we get discount?

A: Terrific! Fleet vehicles are given discount when you engage with us. Terms and conditions apply. Ask us for more details.

Q7: What if I don’t own a fleet of vehicles?

No worries! If you have friends and family who also want to do something exciting, bring them along and we can offer mates rates. Terms and conditions apply. Ask us for more details.

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