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Sticker Decal Vinyl Printing Brisbane

Our digitally printed graphic vinyl are ultra violet (UV) resistant, water resistant and can block most light. It is 100% environmentally friendly using recyclable materials and safe latex printing. Our inks and vinyl are child-safe.

Types of Vinyl

Not sure what type of vinyl to use? We offer three types based on common scenarios:

1. Master Grade Cast Vinyl
(most popular for vehicles)

All weather. All terrain. A long term solution for car wrapping, vehicle signage, and objects that contain complex contours. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks trains, aircraft, and more. This vinyl is the lightest and the most durable, so if you want to make a fine impression of your vehicle, expect it to contribute barely any performance loss as sworn by race car teams.

For standard use, the vinyl can protect your vehicle from scratches and other nasties. It is also easy to peel off and leaves no sticky residue, providing you the best preservation of your vehicles original paint.

We offer full wrapping and partial wrapping services to all vehicles by our in-house team. We also offer graphic design services to customise the look and feel of your vehicle. First impression is king!

Available in a variety of colours and in gloss, matte, metallic and textured such as carbon fibre, brushed chrome, gold foil, and more.

The best of the best vinyl that lasts up to 10 years. Contact us for a free quote and inspection. Special discount available for fleet vehicles.

2. High Grade Polymeric
Vinyl (most popular for signage)

Weather proof. UV resistant. Recommended for outdoor and long term scenarios such as; advertising billboards, banners, A-frames, light boxes, outdoor window graphic, real estate works and more.

This can also be applied on vehicles, but only on flat and slightly uneven surfaces. It is however; thicker, heavier, leaves residue when peeled off and can damage paint.

The all-rounder vinyl that lasts up to 7 years. Available in a variety of colours and in gloss, matte, and limited metallics.

As an option, we offer installation services on big and small signage works done by our in-house team. Graphic design services are also available.

Contact us for a free quote and consultation.

3. Standard Monomeric Vinyl
(most popular for stickers)

Recommended for indoor and short term scenarios; such as seasonal shop front window promotions, indoor events and exhibitions, campaigns, promotional stickers, product packaging, labels, and more.

The cheapest vinyl that last up to 5 years. Available in a variety of colours in gloss and matte, but very limited in metallics.

Installation services are available for indoor works by our in-house team. We also have in-house graphic designers to bring your ideas to life. Call us for a free quote and consultation.


Vinyl can be used on a variety of applications and is also flexible on various scenarios. We offer the following with your chosen vinyl type:

One Way Vision

Used when the vinyl is required to be see-through from one-side. This is done by cutting thousands of small holes into the vinyl. The holes are so small that viewers don’t notice and will only see the artwork. Some people might ask, what kind of sorcery is this?

Recommended for shop windows and windows on vehicles for safety reasons.

Floor Graphic and Wallpaper

Used to draw visual attention on a boring wall. Assists with guiding customers to their desired location; such as wayfinding and promotion. Anti-slip laminate is applied if placed on the ground for safety reasons. We don’t want you getting into a lawsuit!

Recommended for hospitals for wayfinding purposes, events and exhibition advertising, cafes and restaurants, and more.

Frosting and Tinting

Used to block light partially on windows and enhances privacy. Recommended for homes, bathrooms, offices and shops.

Clear Stickers

Recommended for artwork that is too fine to be cut as a decal. It can be cut into a shape without masking an object.

Decal and Letter Cut

Recommended for letters, numbers and graphics that do not require a background. For example; trading hours on a shop front, racing stripes on a car, and more.

Reverse Printing

Protect your artwork from damage by having your vinyl installed from the inside of your store and not the outside where there is heavy foot traffic. Only suitable for see through objects such as windows and more.

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