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Artwork Guide

This page contains basic information on how to supply your artwork if you are using professional creative software (i.e. Adobe, Corel, QuarkXpress, etc). There are many types of printing projects; therefore, we will not be able to cover everything in detail as each project is unique.

Feel free to contact our printsmen for more technical information. We are here to help to ensure your artwork is ready for printing.

1.0 What if I supply my artwork file using non-creative software?

You can still provide it to us for printing, but we cannot guarantee on your printing satisfaction. We will examine the file and will inform you on its printing limitations. Supplying artwork that is not produced from creative software (i.e. Microsoft Office or similar) is not considered as a print ready file. If you would still like us to print, some non-creative software can convert your files into PDF. We prefer this file type to be sent to us to ensure ease of printing.

2.0 Artwork Size

Supply your artwork as the intended finishing size.

3.0 Bleed Marks

Graphical elements or text that are intended to be printed to the edge or cropped outside of the artwork as an effect must also be included in the bleed area. A 3mm bleed (minimum) is required for small sized projects.

For signage or other large format projects, we normally ask for 20mm bleed (minimum), however; please contact our printsmen for technical information as each case is unique.

4.0 Crop Marks (also known as Trim Marks)

Supplying crop marks will tell our printsmen where to trim your artwork to size. Important information on your artwork should be 10mm (minimum) away from any crop line. Ensure your bleed marks are also supplied. This allows +/- 1mm to 2mm trimming variance.

5.0 Images

Supply as CMYK at 300dpi at the intended size. Link or embed images into your print ready file.

6.0 Text

Outline text or embed text into your print ready file.

7.0 Colour

All artwork to be supplied in CMYK or Grey Scale. If supplying artwork and printing with Pantone, please provide us your colour codes. If supplying artwork other than CMYK / Grey Scale or Pantone, they will be automatically converted to CMYK.

8.0 Embellishments

Please contact our printsmen for more technical information as each case is unique.

9.0 Supplying Print Ready PDF and Native Files

99% of the time, we will request your artwork to be supplied as PDF in “Press Quality Print” with the necessary configurations. For the 1%, we will request you to supply us your artwork in native format. The reason is we need to include our technical settings to finalise for printing purposes only. If you have concerns in supplying your native files, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) / confidentiality agreement (CA) / secrecy agreement (SA) for your peace of mind.

When asked to provide native files, we prefer you to provide them in Adobe Illustrator (.ai packaged) or Adobe InDesign (.indd packaged). Ensure all fonts and images are linked, embedded and provided in your packaged folder. Providing Photoshop (.psd) files is not desirable as it is not a desktop publishing software. It is specifically used for image editing purposes and does not allow printing at a professional level.

10.0 Printing Proof

We will email you a digital copy of your artwork to check and confirm if it is ready to print. At this stage, it will be your last chance to check everything; such as spelling mistakes, graphics, colour, etc. Once confirmed, it goes to production and cannot be cancelled once paid. There are no refunds.

If you require a printed proof (depending on the project), please let us know so we can include this in our quote for you.

11.0 Sending Us Your Artwork

We only accept email containing the artwork as an attachment. If the file is too big, you can provide us a link to your preferred file hosting website or cloud platform with permission rights to access and download.

12.0 I need help with supplying my artwork!

We’re here to help. We have in-house graphic designers who can help you prep your artwork to print ready. Fees may apply.

13.0 I have other questions to ask, what can I do?

Email us on or call us on 3416 3572 to request to speak to a printsmen regarding supplying your artwork file to us.

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