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Sticker Decal Vinyl Printing

Our digitally printed graphic vinyls are UV resistant, water resistant and can block out most light. It is 100% environmentally friendly using recyclable materials and safe latex printing.

Premium Quality Cast

A long term solution for car signage. It’s contains high quality material with UV & Water resistant features.


Polymeric Vinyl

Used for long-term indoor or outdoor signage. Durable material, contains UV & water resistant features. Add a laminate film to protect wear and tear on your signage!


Monomeric Vinyl

Used for temporary signage, promotional events / campaigns (indoor/outdoor). Easy to apply and remove, the lifespan is factored based on weather conditions.

Window Vinyl and Graphics

Your brand story begins before a customer walks into your shop. Make use of your stores window space for your chance to promote your service without paying for media fees. You own the space so why don’t you make the best use out of it? Let us help you with window signage.

Window graphics are a great way display your company’s brand image for your customers to see. For best practices, window graphics can be used to display a range of messages and images to help turn the heads of customers and generate interest in your business. Your business may need a boost in brand awareness and increased foot traffic and the best way to gain both is to graphically enhance your storefront.

Our window graphic designs are digitally printed onto easy application film vinyls that are then applied to your shop window. We are able to print to the size you require and apply the vinyl to your store as apart of our Big Wave installation package.

For extended use, we recommend using polymeric which lasts up to 5 years. For temporary use, we recommend Monomeric, which lasts up to 3 years. Both materials are of high quality and can deal with your common Queensland weather.

Window Decal and Lettering

Want to be more creative with your window signage? Take your window signage to the next level by applying custom graphics on decal vinyl. We can cut your signage according to your graphic design to achieve the wow and stunning visual effects to draw attention to your promotion. Window decal is also often used for shop open and close time.

Window stickers are excellent for many uses. Whether if it is for your business or personal use, window stickers allow you to say or display what you want onto any window. Build a strong brand presence for your business and turn heads with exciting and strong window stickers.

An empty window can be seen as a blank canvas. Bring life and colour to your windows by adding exciting, colourful and bold decals to enhance your business. They are eye-catching tools that help your customers to become interested in your business. Window decals are applied to glass surfaces with adhesive backs.

Vinyl lettering is a great way to sign messages for commercial business. They can be used on shop windows, stickers, car signage, banners and even decorating interior wall spaces. Vinyl lettering can be used to display a variety of different messages and designs. If your business has a new promotion, product or even needs re-branding images, vinyl lettering allows you to easily apply and remove in order to attract visual attention to your store.

Custom made to your message and brand image, window decals work great for special promotions, sales, logos, store hours and many more. Window decals are not only easy to apply, they are simple to remove with no damage or residue left over. Window decals work well for all businesses industries. They are a step forward to advertising your business in a cost effective way.

Car Wrapping with Premium Cast Vinyl

Want to create a fine impression with your vehicle? We offer cast vinyl for graphic and lettering for your car. Also perfect for promotional giveaways; your brand followers can show their support by pasting a cast vinyl sticker with your design on their car! The vinyl sticker can be applied onto any car surface to make the perfect moving signage for your business. Vinyl stickers are durable and can last for a long time.

Vehicle Signage is a great way for you to advertise your business while you are on the go. Apply our digitally printed vinyl decals to your vehicle to display your business to pedestrians as you drive around the streets. Vehicle signs are easy to apply and remove without causing damage to your car paint. It can also act as a protector against the sun. Our in house graphic design team can design your vehicle signage to the shape of your car with the graphics you wish to print onto your car.

Monomeric Promotional Vinyl

Short life Monomeric Promotional Vinyl is aimed to last for 6~12 months. They are cheaper and often used for sales promotion, clearance, and campaigns. The price reduction for the temporary monomeric material is a good business decision for when comes to campaign and sales window signage.

Promotional vinyl is type of plastic that can be digitally printed, and applied/removed to any surface with ease. It is used in many industries such as commercial retail, restaurants and many other businesses. Popular uses of vinyl can be used on signage. Promotional Vinyl is very versatile as it can be easily printed on, cut and applied to many different types of surfaces. Vinyl is also very environmentally friendly as it uses recycled materials and is also cost effective.

Promotional Vinyl Sticker

Use them as giveaway promotional material to encourage your customers to use on their cars, mirrors, laptops and other surfaces. Vinyl stickers are fun and are made to be seen.

Vinyl Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a great way to attract the attention of customers and advertise in store. They can be fun and unique way to help promote new products or sales in store. Big Wave is able to print floor graphics with the latest materials that are durable and allow your customers to walk over floor graphic prints safely. Add to the atmosphere of your business and enhance their visual experience with floor graphics. Our floor graphics are non-slip!

We want to make your business look good

We care about the positive influence of our products to your business; our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results. So before we start your project, we provide a professional complementary on-site inspection (if required) to find out the best solutions to fit your project.


Big Wave Printing offers custom made designs that will reach your every requirement with our expert in-house design team. We offer full services to clients as we provide consultation and design advice to better help you achieve your business goals.

We are able to print your design to the size you require and can apply the vinyl to the surface you want it on as apart of our installation package.

Our Capability

We strive to deliver a 100% customer satisfaction no matter the size of your project. We have a broad product range to meet your needs. We do everything in-house; from project managing, to design, to production, to installation. We guarantee 100% quality control and warranties if there are any defects.

Short turnaround

Our digitally printed graphic vinyls are UV resistant, water resistant and can block out most light. It is also 100% environmentally friendly using recyclable materials and safe latex printing.

We are an experienced printing team that can provide fast turn around with affordable quality. We aim to respond your enquiries by email in less than one business day. If you have “Mission Critical Projects” call us immediately on 3802 8766. For most small format printing, we can print on the day depending on quantity. Remember, we are fully customisable to your projects; you name it, we make it happen.

Client Testimonial

Our Works

Be inspired by our printery. Here are some of the projects we’ve produced. Use it to inspire yourself when you want to create amazing displays for your next project.

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  • Window Frosting
Vinyl Printing Brisbane for UBERMEN

Ubermen Discount Campaign

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Silkyoak Park Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal
Window Sticker Printed and Installed by Big Wave Printing

Ubermen G20

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Noodle 8

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Ubermen 50% Discount

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Ivory Development Garden city Vinyl01

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Ivory Development Garden city display

In Banner | Poster / Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Keylin Group Office Window Decal

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Keylin Group Office Window Frosting

In Window Frosting

Elysium – Shopfront Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Ubermen Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Kinstone Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Madake – Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

PMA Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Arcade Machine Vinyl Wrap and Design

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Vending Machine Vinyl Wrap

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Centrus Park Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Superior Signage

In Signage Printing / Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Lumascape Wall Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

AFS Expo Banner and Wallpaper

In Banner | Poster / Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Boscar and Ruslie Co. Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Pennywise Toys Window Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Verne’s Tattoo Window Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Traditional Ice Cream Vinyl

In Vinyl | Sticker | Decal

Our Vinyl Printing Service

Our vinyl printing is absolutely environmentally friendly. May you be a marketing manager or working part of a marketing team, a freelance designer or a builder doing shop fitting on a restaurant, gym or office, you’ll fall in love with us. Here are some of our happy and returning customers. Many have been with us since day one and is spreading our good words. There is no harm to check us out.

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Floor Graphics

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Vehicle Signage

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Big Wave Printing
Big Wave build our business based on the quality of our vinyl printing service. There is a rise in demand that for the use of vinyl to promote their business. Here are some of the widely used application how our client uses vinyl to promote their business.